The scary Halloween is coming close, once every year on the 31st of October. It's time everybody gets really excited about trick or treat, Jack-O'Lantern and candy bags.

But for eCommerce entrepreneurs, it's time to get super excited and worried at the same time because the highest sales peak of the year officially starts then.

You're gonna lose a lot while everybody wins big sales if you stand still…

Yes. You need some damn good Halloween marketing ideas to boost your store's sales on Halloween and the following holidays after that.

This blog post dedicates 07 Halloween Marketing Ideas to help S&M business owners make a big fortune this year. These 07 ideas are not generic. They are detailed, actionable, proven-effective, and easy to execute without hiring any tech guy (because we're referring the helpful tools for you).


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07 Halloween Marketing Ideas to hack your sales growth this holiday:

1) Offer freebies that are perfect Halloween gifts your customers can give to their friends or family:

Everybody throws discounts on holiday seasons. It's so commonplace that people are not motivated enough to shop on your store even with a discount offer because they feel like they can find discounts on any single store during the holidays.

Anything else besides discounts that can attract your customers and make them purchase? What most people look for when Halloween approaches? Gift ideas to surprise their friends and family.

Ideas: Instead of discounts, you can prepare freebies that are items people can give to their friends, family members, colleagues as Halloween gifts.

Show the items right on the homepage to capture customer's attention, or show it on the cart page as a last-minute offer to boost checkout rate here:


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