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There are only three courses outlined in this hub for a reason. I've heard of each organization that offers the courses, and I trust them. If you do a web search for online writing courses, you'll be presented with pages and pages of options. I have never heard of most of them. They may all be stellar learning opportunities, but I don't know and so am not including any except those I feel safe in passing on. If you do know of a credible site, by all means, feel free to mention it in the comments section.

Online Writing Courses

Long Ridge is a respected institution that has been around for 30 years. I still have large envelopes containing their information that was sent to me via regular mail back in the early '90's. Although I've never taken any of their courses, I do get their weekly communications which include some market information, books that authors want reviewed, and invitations to participate in having writing exercises critiqued. There are interviews of accomplished writers that you can read and write my essay for me, as well. This is a supportive organization, that invites you to announce any successes, big or small. You can ask questions and read articles on all aspects of the craft of writing. There is no charge for any of it. The only thing that costs money is the course, if you decide to take it.

Students of Long Ridge are taught using a one on one method. Each pupil is taught by one professional instructor assigned to them for the entire duration of the course. Upon completion, students receive seven college credits.

On average, 300 Long Ridge graduates get published every year. I'm sure that's why they only accept applicants that pass their writing test. They seem to be looking for people they believe they can help make a quick jump to publication.

Pricing is not listed on the website, but there is link to click if you want the information sent to you.

Final Notes:

The Long Ridge Writers Group is an acredited school, and a member of the Better Business Bureau. The course can be tax deductible. It depends on whether you are taking it just for personal interest, or are using it to increase your knowledge to further your business or career. They do offer a money back guarantee.