2022 Priority Actions

The OCC had a work planning consultation meeting on January 27th collating input from each of the top priority areas on: what are the gaps? What are your questions? What actions do you think are most needed? What is the outcome we should aim to achieve and what does progress towards that outcome look like to you? The input was compiled via written input as well as verbal input and is summarized in the 2022 Draft OCC Workplan.

The workplan summarizes the input received thus far as well as the actions that the OCC will advance. The key questions that would be great to hear from OCC members on are: What actions do you think are most needed? What is the outcome we should aim to achieve and what does progress towards that outcome look like to you? Please review the draft workplan and there is the ability to provide your input in a variety of ways:

We are also seeking OCC members who are able/willing to provide additional input via an interview to collate input on the OCC workplan as well as additional questions that we are hoping to get feedback from OCC members on such as:

  • Have you joined OCC monthly meetings? If so, what value have you gotten from them. How can they be made more of value to you? If no, what would make it more likely for you to join them?
  • Have you found value in the email sent out to OCC members post OCC meeting? If yes, how has it been of value, if no, what suggestions do you have for how it could be made more useful to you?
  • Have you used the OCC Resource hub? If so how have you used it, do you have suggestions for how it can be made more useful?
  • What are your other suggestions for what you think could make the OCC more effective in advancing the ability of Ontario municipalities to accelerate their climate ambition and implementation?

Mary Margaret McMahon is working with Clean Air Partnership on OCC activities and will be available to meet with OCC members to collect your input on the workplan and above questions. If you would be willing to provide 30 - 45 minutes, please go to this link and select a time that works for you: https://calendly.com/mary-margaret-mcmahon/ontario-climate-caucus-1

Some of the upcoming meetings will include:

  • February: Collective Climate Lens Review of the Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force Report, Ontario Building Code Update, OCC Working Groups Discussion and OCC actions post June input
  • March: Municipal Climate Accountability: Where we are, where we need to go and what we need to go to get there, experiences from Ontario municipalities thus far
  • April: National and Ontario Building Codes, Municipal Green Standards & Climate Change By-laws: What is needed to make them the climate holy trifecta they can and must be
  • May: State of Knowledge on rehabilitation of infrastructure costs from different land use archetypes, what we know, what we need to know, who has done what
  • June: Climate Change and Official Plan Integration (state of knowledge and leading practices from Ontario municipalities thus far)
  • Post June: How do we handle OCC activities during the municipal election time frame? Need feedback from OCC network on that. This will be an agenda item on the February OCC meeting.

Some of the top priority action include: