Parallel reality is happening right now

Depending on our unique trauma collection and determination to live a "happier" life or lack of them, we are more or less prone to see the world as a projection of our fears, judgments, expectations, anxiety, anger. What does it mean for us and our human interactions? In the most popular belief and experience, we are separated and "need" to cooperate, cohabit, coexist, co-work. While for others, who sense projected reality as a projected reality and another "dimension" as one no-time space, sensations are information about our "position" in the "space" and "state," which influences all that is "connected."

It is a challenge to move forward with the exploration by using language from the old frame, which keeps everything inside and is based on the meaning we put in the words and decode them. The "parallel" reality (which is a frameless container of our frame) can be experienced if you open and trust that the vision, voice, sensations are "Truth" and by pulling them out from the known, own, and collective primary perceived frame. Because "world" is not what we think it is. Moreover, "sensing" is possible when you dive into "experiences" in the new dimension you recreate/recover.