Properties504 Real Estate in Honduras

Our real estate company is a private entity that creates an interaction between buyers, renters and people who need the administration of their assets together with a team of agents specialized in sale, rental and property management. Be it the sale or lease of a property, our function is based on trying to connect the owner and potential clients to finally close the business in the best way, so that both parties are satisfied with the commercial conditions that have been achieved.

Our work is focused on the commercialization of the properties, for this, we have the technological tools and the methods of direct sales, on this depends, in large part, a successful and faster closing of the business, since we know that more tools, best selling methods and tactics, the shorter is time of the sale or lease

We permanently select the best projects of country houses and apartments, offices, warehouses, and commercial premises, places that offer security, tranquility and the possibility of being in contact with nature for a client who wants to escape from the noise of the city, or for a client that wants a good place to start their own business. Every time more people from big cities like Tegucigalpa or Tela are going to cities like San Pedro Sula or Cortés in search of the house of their dreams and to be able to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the best quality of life that can be lived in cities that are still small. We also advise those Hondurans or foreigners, who live in other countries and dream of returning and building a house in their hometown to reunite with their family.

We have stood out for having houses for sale in exclusive places of the city of San Pedro Aula, industrial capital of Honduras, such as: Colonia La Trejo, Río de Piedra, Quintas El Dorado, Residencial La Floresta and Villa Macay, so if you're interested in buying houses in Honduras, which are equipped with large bathrooms, living room, kitchen and dining room. Do not hesitate to contact us, we have a team of real estate agents, prepared, trained and willing to do so.

Each project that we select has as characteristics the seriousness and trajectory of the sellers or offers and the environmental responsibility; We try to ensure that the projects are close to the city, that their spaces are generous so that you can have your garden and your vegetables plot, but also that your dreams can be fulfilled in terms of areas, or particular requirements that you have about the place in which you want to live or to go vacation.

In Properties 504, the real estate specialist in Honduras, we not only offer these services, but also provide our clients with the best possible attention and information to meet their property needs, our staff is professional and trained for a correct orientation in the search of the solutions, attending to the needs of the selling or buying part, lessor or lessee, without forgetting the details that make each transaction unique.