The Results Are In

You tinkled on the stick, and magically two pink lines appeared, or maybe a blue plus sign announced the news. Better yet, a visit to your doctor has confirmed why things are running a little late this month. You draw in a breath and let it out slowly. That's right, you're pregnant.

Congratulations. Whether it's your first baby, or your fifth, this moment makes time stop. The world goes on around you, but you have paused while your thoughts linger on the tiny being that has begun to grow inside you.

Taking It In

If this is your first pregnancy, the range of emotion you feel may take you by surprise. Panic may set in as you realize nine months seems like a small amount of time to prepare for the total dependence of another human being. You may be equally overwhelmed and excited. Pregnancy hormones are already revving up. There may be no outward signs of pregnancy, but inside you can feel change beginning to happen.

Finding Your Focus

The right food to eat, a birth plan, baby gear, and other prenatal decisions start to pile up. Having a baby begins to look like a mammoth undertaking, and suddenly early pregnancy fatigue sets in. It may be time to take another big breath.

This is a good time to hunker down and gather information. Check out for recommended "Best Books to Read When You're Expecting." This list of books is categorized, and books that focus on the nitty gritty side of pregnancy, as well as books that are sure to jiggle your bump are recommended alongside each other.

Pregnancy Perks

With the possibility of morning sickness, and other negative aspects of pregnancy looming, it's important to remember pregnancy has its perks:

  • Pregnancy is the only time in your life when you don't have to worry about getting pregnant when you're not trying to. Think about it - that's a pretty big bonus.
  • Pregnant women make people smile
  • No worries eating - you're supposed to gain weight
  • Napping is unquestionable
  • The glow - beautiful skin, strong nails, glorious hair and cleavage
  • Increased libido - who knew? Now there's a perk!
  • Shopping for tiny clothes
  • The anticipation of your first meeting with baby