One of the books I'm reading right now for AYOP is Getting Results the Agile Way, by J. D. Meier. The book is a system for managing your time and energy, and it also talks a lot about the different hotspots in your life, namely the ones above. (There are naturally more hotspots than the ones above-like spiritual and social, for example-but I think Meier's model captures most of what you invest your time and energy into.)

Your hotspots, when added up, make up who you are, and on a very basic level they are a way of classifying how you direct your time and energy. Since reading about the idea, I can't stop thinking about how to use the hotspot theory to become more productive.

It feels great to be productive in the short-run, but I think it's more important to be productive in the long-term. That means picking the right hotspots to invest your time and energy into.