Gone are the days when all the attention and creativity was focused on the living room and bedroom and the bathroom was something which was more of a functional base rather than creative. These are the days of lavish powder rooms and master en suites. In fact, bathrooms have become one of the most important spaces in home design. And if you think that's a hyperbole go through lifestyle magazines or renovation blogs and bathrooms will have equal articles/ideas as other rooms. Ask your real estate consultant and you will know how bathrooms have become the most considered spaces in the home. After all, bathrooms relax and pamper you after a long, tiring day. Not just that, a sparkling one can increase the value of your home space considerably.

So, by now you must be convinced that bathrooms are well and truly a luxurious vanity space and deserve a lot of planning and attention. Apart from functionality, creativity should be at the heart of your bathroom remodel. Here are a few tricks when it comes to bathroom panels, storage, drainage and other features which will ensure that your bathroom stays durable, functional and relevant till times to come.