Why do many people rent a car?

Arriving on the island, you can use ground public transport to move from city to city, but this causes a lot of inconvenience to those who do not like to follow the schedule and appreciate the time.

Traveling by bus on the Cyprus island from the city to the city can cost about 7 - 8 euros, and a taxi will be even more expensive: about 50 - 80 euros from the airport to the hotel. But the prices for rental cars in Cyprus in 2019 remained low, so this service is becoming increasingly popular.

Some of the attractions of the island are in places where the bus does not reach. This is Cape Cavo Greco, the bay of Aphrodite. But you still want to visit small villages where you can buy souvenirs for friends. Having a rented car at their disposal, holidaymakers can enjoy their holidays on different beaches of the island, go on a visit, learn about the life of Cypriots, meet people.

Tip: If you have never traveled on a left-hand driveway, assess your abilities before you decide on how to use a car on holiday. Not all drivers are ready to reorganize immediately, although once they have to do it for the first time. Cypriots are polite to the drivers who ride the rental cars, as they immediately separate them from the traffic on the road according to the red numbers.

Where to rent?

While there are really many rental companies, you can simply choose rent a car from locals or services via classifieds websites.

They have a proven record of good pricing policy.


To get Fiat, Mersedes or maybe even an electric car for a few days of vacation, you will have to contact the rental office and provide a package of documents:

- right to drive a vehicle;
- passport.

In practice, car rental in Cyprus is carried out only by those drivers whose age is between 25 and 70 years old, and the driving experience is more than three years. Sometimes small companies make concessions and shift the framework a bit. In such cases, they usually install additional insurance.

: All road signs are in Greek or English only. In order to somehow navigate, it is desirable to know one of the two languages ​​at least minimally.

Features car rental in Cyprus

When making a car rental in Cyprus will have to immediately pay and insurance. Abroad this concept includes damages in case of an accident and insurance against theft.

Although, to many, these expenses seem superfluous, it is not. In a foreign country, and even with left-hand traffic, anything can happen, and rental cars are always good, expensive, often new, so it is expensive to cover the costs yourself.

Tenants offer tourists two types of insurance: with and without a franchise.

Many questions arise about the franchise. Therefore, we analyze this question with a specific example.

For example, you rent a car and the franchise amount in the contract is 100 euros. This means that in the event of an insured event (accidents, hooked bumper, scratched), you personally pay for repairs up to 100 euros. Damage over this amount is covered by the insurance company.

As a rule, the lower the rental price, the greater the size of the franchise, up to 1000 euros. Do not hesitate to clarify these points before entering into a contract.

It happens and insurance without a franchise or with a zero franchise. This is usually a full insurance, which is much more expensive and is calculated depending on the number of days.

Whatever insurance was issued at the conclusion of the contract, if the driver was intoxicated, when an accident happened, he bears all costs.