What is NAIMA Canada?

NAIMA Canada is a non-profit association representing North American Insulation Manufacturers.

We Support Our Members

We provide service to manufacturers of fiberglass, rock wool, and slag wool insulation (sometimes collectively known as mineral fiber) used for thermal, sound, fire, or filtration purposes, and we promote the welfare and development of the mineral fiber insulation industry.

We Promote Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability

We promote energy conservation, energy security, and housing affordability through the use of mineral fibre insulation.

We Monitor Energy Efficiency Codes

We assist in the development of Codes and Standards for mineral fibre insulation.

We Encourage Good Work Practices and Safe Use of Insulation

We promote and publicize the safe use of mineral fibre insulation, and we promote and encourage good work practices by producers and users of these products.

We Collect and Share Information

We develop new uses and markets for the products of our industry through research and other means. We disseminate this information or collaborate with government agencies, building professionals, utility companies, consumers, and other trade associations in matters affecting the industry.