Savings By Design with Building Knowledge Canada

Developed by Enbridge and supported by Building Knowledge Canada, The Savings by Design program helps homebuilders improve energy and environmental performance for their new home construction projects. Available to Ontario builders in the Enbridge Gas service area, builders can participate in the program up to three times and there is no cost to do so. Also, builders participating in other incentive programs are still eligible to participate.

Why should homebuilders participate?

In addition to encouraging builders to build more energy efficient, sustainable and comfortable homes, the Savings by Design program offers excellent incentives and benefits.

Energy performance incentives.

For houses that achieve a 15% energy reduction target versus OBC 2017 with SB-12, Savings by Design provides the following incentives:

  • First-time participants: $2,000 for each qualified home (up to a maximum of 50 homes or $100,000)
  • Second-time participants: $1,000 for each qualified home (up to a maximum of 100 homes or $100,000)
  • Third-time participants: $500 for each qualified home (up to a maximum of 200 homes or $100,000)

What homebuilders can expect from the Savings By Design Program

1. Visioning Session

Facilitated by Building Knowledge Canada, the program starts with a one to two hour Visioning Session that helps to define project requirements and sustainability priorities beyond energy efficiency. The visioning team includes an Enbridge Sales Representative and a Building Knowledge Canada facilitator.

2. Integrated Design Process Session

Approximately four weeks after your visioning session, or when it is most convenient for the builder, the Integrated Design Process full-day workshop will explore possible design improvements to the residential new construction home in a risk-free environment. Bringing professionals into the process earlier helps avoid costly changes later.

The IDP Session team includes:

  • The Enbridge Savings by Design program team
  • An IDP Session facilitator from Building Knowledge Canada
  • Energy modelers
  • Building Knowledge building science experts
  • Design experts from fields such as HVAC, Solar PV, Certified Energy Advisors, Building Science, and site inspection,
  • Additional experts as identified during the Visioning Session

Who qualifies?

To qualify for the program, projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Single-family homes, row houses, townhomes, stacked towns and multi-family buildings under three storeys covered under the Ontario Building Code (OBC) Part 9.
  • At least one home following the IDP specs for 15% above code needs to be constructed within 3 years from the date of the IDP.
  • The development must be within the Enbridge Gas service area.
  • Successfully complete both components of the Program, including designing and constructing residential homes in Enbridge franchise areas which exceed 15% of the 2017 OBC's performance requirements no later than 3 years from the date of the Integrated Design Process.

Builders can participate in the Savings by Design program up to three times. Here's how to apply.

  1. Contact Stefanie Coleman at Building Knowledge Canada 519.497.1728 or email at
  2. Download the Application Form
  3. Complete the application and email it to Michelle Vestergaard at and Stefanie Coleman at
  4. Be sure to read the Program Terms and Conditions.
  5. Michelle will contact you with approval and provide you with the next steps to begin the Savings by Design process