Chances are, you have started a practice with a physical dispensary, but are starting to get tired of the cost and expired products that you constantly have to manage. You're not alone; practitioners from across the board have spoken up about this headache. Here are just some of them:

  • John Nowicki "One of the main issues I was having was maintaining stock. I always seemed to have supplements on the shelf, but they never seemed to be the ones the patients needed! So I often found myself stressing out and placing multiple special orders."
  • Lindsey Nelson: I felt that if I was to stay true to my Naturopathic credence, to treat every patient as an individual, and that each treatment is tailored specifically to them then making them take home only what I had in stock seemed hypocritical. I am not in the business of selling supplements; I am in the business of helping patients feel better.
  • Jennifer Saul: Before Healthwave, my patients were paying too much at local health stores for their nutritional supplements. My patients were also phoning me frequently to clarify what I had written or advised. For example, I would repeatedly get the phone call 'are you sure you meant zinc picolinate and not zinc sulfate?

These practitioners and several others were gracious enough to provide us with some insights and tips on how they made the switch from a physical to a HealthWave virtual dispensary. All of them unanimously said it was an easy and smooth process.