Custom domains can be setup for Guides for the HUB or for individual channels.

You can setup Guides on the top level domain (example: or as a subdomain (example:

To setup a custom domain, you will need:

  • a HUB+ or HUBe (Enterprise) plan,
  • ownership of the domain you want to use (you can purchase domains from a domain registrar like or and
  • access to your domain name's DNS (domain name system) settings.

Creating a Custom Domain For Your HUB

When you setup a custom domain for your HUB, users will be able to access all the guides and channels they have access to at that unique URL. For this reason, an HUB can only have one custom domain. However, you can create additional custom domains for any channels.

Creating Custom Domains For Channels

If you'd only like to publish a single channel - so users do not have the option of navigating to other channels they may have access to, you should publish a custom domain name for a channel.


Channels have the same permissions on custom domains as they do within the Guides application. So channels that are public will be available on the custom domain without the need for authentication (login and password). If you do not have public channels, or you are publishing a private channel on a custom domain, when unauthenticated users arrive on that page, they will be required to enter a user name and password to access the channel(s) they have access to.

Login vs Register

When creating a custom domain (for either your hub or channels) that are not public , the login page will be the first page a user sees when visiting the new domain. By default, only people who already have access to your hub - that have been invited and already accepted - will be able to login. If you want to enable new people to register for your hub, you will need to change the signup mode setting for your hub to enable anyone to register:


Setting up your custom domain is simple and involves two steps:

  1. Setting your domain name in for:
    1. A HUB, or
    2. A channel
  2. Updating the settings in your DNS