Baloo, the bear from Disney's Jungle book said it best:

♬ Look for the bar necessities / The simple bar necessities / Forget about your worries and your strife ♬

Okay, so he may not have been singing about "Bar" Necessities but you get the point.

Going to the bar is a lot of fun. Not fun on your wallet. even during Happy hour "especially during happy hour" can get very expensive. Why not have Happy hour at home?! Build your own Bar. Im not telling you to chop down a tree and build a mahogany bar (you can if you want) but lets keep it simple... a bar cart.

Building a bart cart is easy. It Is. Trust me, Just set out the liquor you'll need, plus wine and beer options. Next, gather up all the essential tools , from a shaker and corkscrew to cocktail napkins and garnishes (this guide will help you with that) Finally, place the bar in an accessible spot to keep the party flowing and let guests help themselves.