SlimCrystal Reviews - Should You Buy Slim Crystal-Infused Drinking Water for Weight Loss?

What is SlimCrystal?

Most people assume bottled and tap water must give consumers the support they need. A study in 2004 found that these waters are lifeless because they've remained stagnant for too long, meaning there are no natural minerals or energy found in them. These minerals are precisely the reason that consumers benefit from water in the first place, but drinking dead water means that the body has to compensate to make it effective. The quality of water is based on its molecular structure, creating hexagonal clusters that help users to revive drinkers and promote better oxygen supply.

Most people can't buy this type of water in stores because they need to be more active once shipped. To create a healthier balance in the water, consumers should consider a SlimCrystal bottle. This bottle transforms every molecule of the water it touches because of an exclusive glass infusion of crystals. While other products use crystals to disintegrate in water gradually, this glass uses quartz stones to turn water into living water within 10-15 minutes.

Why Does the SlimCrystal Bottle Work?

To make the SlimCrystal bottle effective, it includes a collection of precious quartz crystals with energetic properties. The energy - which comes from electromagnetic frequencies - is transferred to the water without breaking down. Even though other products allow the minerals to release into the water in a tangible way, the idea of this product is that the energetic properties transfer from the crystals without having to touch them.

The crystals are kept within a glass chamber to keep them physically separate from the water, though their properties still influence it. The specific crystals included are:

Amethyst, which can reduce stress, balance mood, and reduce irritability.

Clear quartz, which promotes a more robust immune system while clearing up the mind.

Moonstone, which supports inner growth and strength.

Citrine, which improves positive energy levels and reduces the risk of depression.

Carnelian, which promotes vitality and motivation.

Sodalite, which has incredible healing properties and improves metabolism.

Red agate, which enhances vitality and supports the heart.

Red jasper, which is used for healing in the circulatory system, liver, and blood.

Green aventurine, which improves physical healing.

Buying the SlimCrystal Bottles.

The only way that consumers can be sure that they get authentic SlimCrystal water bottles is to go through the official website. The website has a couple of packages offered, depending on how many bottles the user wants to stock up on. Buying more of the bottles at once will reduce the overall cost, but the website has a short promotion that offers a discount on the order.

The packages include:

One bottle with a free bracelet: $117

Two bottles for $197 with two free bracelets: $197


SlimCrystal provides consumers with a way to improve the health benefits of drinking water without leaving any residue behind. This bottle is easy to wash between uses, allowing consumers to wash some of the components in the dishwasher. Users should treat it delicately, ensuring that they can keep up with the regular use of the bottle for the 3+ months needed for benefits. Plus, it comes with a money-back guarantee that provides a full refund if needed.

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