Spring Training Camp Returns!

April 6, 2016

It's that time again - time to revel in the sharing of knowledge and ideas at the third Spring Training Camp for Advanced Building Science and Practical Application! Hosts John Straube, Gord Cooke and Tex McLeod will discuss the themes of comfort (on Day 1) and walls (Day 2), along with an illustrious group of speakers, including:

  • Robert Bean, discussing the fundamentals and applications of thermal comfort and why this is the becoming the new metric for the next generation of housing
  • Jim Larsen and Jeff Baker on new window technologies, window testing, and building code changes
  • Christine Cronin on challenges in multi-family buildings
  • Mark LaLiberte sharing his thoughts on building strategic partnerships in order to meet code and homeowner expectations
  • Andy Oding providing a progress report on developments in Net-Zero housing

Throughout the agenda, special guests will make cameo appearances, and there is also an "open mic night" planned (a highlight of past conferences!).

You can find out more and request an invitation at buildingknowledge.ca/spring-camp.

Article first published by RDH Building Science Laboratories.