Getting Started

Starting a business is very difficult and there are many moving parts. Over the years I have started successful companies and I have had a few failures. My biggest winner was, a company my wife and I had started when we were in college, built into the largest youth-ski travel company in the country and sold the business in 2007, now owned by the largest ski travel company in the North America, It is the Entrepreneurs dream, build it, scale it, sell it.

This program is about taking you through a process for assessing and researching your online travel business idea then developing your business idea into real action items that help you build and move forward to starting an online travel business. My teachings include strategies and techniques I have learned over the past 17 years building travel businesses and consulting for some of the largest names in the travel industry. My first bit of advice is that you should never, never turn off your current cash flow or income to start a new business. Smart entrepreneurs always build a business with cash flow coming in from another source. Don't worry the Online Travel Business Academy is all about teaching you how to start an online travel business from your home office by bootstrapping. A business you can start on the side, while your still employed or to launch while your spouse or partner is bringing home the bacon. If your goal is to build a billion dollar business, and raise angel or venture capital money the Academy will be a stepping-stone to help you get to the fundraising stage.

The Travel Business Academy's goal is to provide you with the knowledge and business insight needed to start a home-based online travel business. You will learn how to create a unique online travel brand for your new travel company, selling a travel package, to a targeted core niche traveler or niche travel destination, with contractual agreements directly with travel suppliers, with a goal of selling 100 travel bookings/reservations/packages with gross profits of 20%-30% per travel package, even if you know nothing about the travel business and have limited funds to start a business.