With many institutions having undergone Strategic Enrolment Management (SEM) plans or working groups in the last ten years, it is important to understand this exercise's impact and permeation from a digital perspective.

Our efforts in "online" communications with students have often evolved from the "offline" version of those communications, this leads to incongruent messages and a lack of holistic digital communication strategy. The question we're asking today is: how do these efforts fit together?

This exercise has very specific outcomes that allow you to shape your future efforts:

  1. Understand the full-spectrum of digital experiences for applicants, students and alumni
  2. Understand where your institution is succeeding or has room to improve
  3. Establish goals and specific strategies to achieve a desired state

Throughout the guide, there are many dimensions you should use to evaluate your efforts. Here are some examples:

  1. Prospective student application phase
  2. Post-application conversion phase
  3. Current student experience
  4. Alumni experience

Finally, this guide will allow your institution to take a high level view of many internal practices that may or may not be in line with administrative expectations, and more importantly, the students' expectations.