This Guide is intended to educate and inspire you to live a complete healthstyle, based on Summer Tomato principles and philosophy.

There are five main sections to the Guide :

  1. DARYA ROSE: an overview of Darya Rose, Founder of Summer Tomato, and a look into her (long!) history of dieting and exercise.
  2. FOOD How to build a healthy relationship with the food you eat, and how to stop limiting yourself with crash diets.
  3. EXERCISE Not sure where to start when it comes to exercise? Read this section for simple tips and advice on how to get started.
  4. HEALTHSTYLE: The secret to getting healthy--and staying there--is cultivating a set of healthy habits you actually enjoy. This is called your healthstyle. This section covers the fundamentals, including Home and Away Court Habits.
  5. RECALIBRATION: How to "recalibrate" back to your healthy, happy, awesome self. Not a "cleanse" or "detox", just a simple formula for getting back to your regular routine.

Read this Guide start to finish, or jump around and read only the sections that appeal most to you. Either way, we hope that you will enjoy this Guide and find it useful. And we hope that you will tell us what you think and share your experiences, tips, and advice at the bottom of each page. This Guide is intended to be interactive, so get involved and together we will move forward towards a more awesome, healthy life.