Starting with zero investment business or low investment may seem like an impractical task, but it's achievable.

Most of you might be aware of the fact that few giant brands like Apple, Google, Disney, etc. started their journey from a garage. A great idea is essential to start a business without investing a huge amount of capital or zero capital at all.

You are here to read this blog shows that you do have an idea for a business and are currently engaged in the research work to know how to get things started. Let me tell you that you have reached the correct destination and will find answers to all your queries.

Researching & Learning is the Key

Avoid starting things all of a sudden; your idea might not survive even for a quarter. Start your research with a baby step, start reading about new ideas and business opportunities that are on demand. Follow websites & YouTube channels that discuss zero or low investment business, new business ideas, and thoughts behind them.

There are plenty of platforms where you can take free online business courses on various topics, like Udemy, Coursera, etc. The courses available on these platforms are made by professionals, who are entrepreneurs and do have a deep knowledge of business, enrolling in such courses will help you learn new things.

Hunt for One in a Million Idea

After continuous researching & learning, coming to a great idea is essential to set up your zero investment business. Study your idea further and know what can be the requirements to get things started. Test the idea of your business and get feedback to understand the overall practicality.

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Planning in Detail

Zero Investment Business

A business without a plan doesn't even sound like a plan at all. The business plan should have a structure for the vision in order to achieve goals, what your idea will grow into in the next 6 months and beyond it? How your idea is different or better than your competitors? These are few questions that will back your business's planning.

Top 5 Best Ideas for starting your zero investment business in 2021

Be a Professional Blogger:

Zero Investment Business

Investment required- Zero Investment

If you are someone who is passionate about writing then choose a niche of your expertise, there are plenty of platforms like WordPress, Wix, Blogger, etc where you can sign up and start sharing your stories & experiences in the form of a blog. Once your website is getting enough traffic you can apply for the Google Ad-sense program and can earn through the monetization after receiving the approval. There are youtube videos and free online courses that can help you create a website for blogging with zero investment at all, also you will be able to learn about the tools that can help you with your writing & SEO.

Online seller:

Zero Investment Business

Investment required- INR 5000 (approximately)

When there's something we want to shop for, the first thing most people do is searching that product on online eCommerce sites like Flipkart & Amazon. If you create some handcrafted product on your own or just know a place from where you can buy such things at cheaper rates in bulk then you can earn a good amount of money. Few sellers earn twice the price of the product as profit by just selling on eCommerce sites.

Real Estate Agent:

Investment required- Zero Investment

Being a real estate agent is a tough job with so many of them around, but one can earn a good commission in this profession. If you are serious about being an estate agent then the first thing to do is work for a real estate agency to gain experience, polish your convincing skills, and build contacts.

After few years of smart & hard work, you can open your own real estate agency and can earn more than 1 lakh in just one deal.

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Tiffin Services:

Investment- INR 5000 (approximately)

The tiffin business is viewed as one of the most profitable considering the quality, taste, and service you are providing to the customer. People nowadays stay away from home for work and education purposes, after accommodation quality food is something they require. The best part is that your tiffin business will keep on expanding and will add new customers without any promotional work if you are particular about the quality of the service.

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Be a web Designer:

Investment- Zero Investment

Nowadays companies are making their online presence by creating a website to showcase the kind of services & solutions they offer. Such companies have no time to take care of the website, so they hire people who can design their website for them for making the web experience easy and fun for them. To be a web designer there are plenty of free online tutorials on various Edtech platforms. A good website designer can even make more than INR 5000, for 2-3 hours of work.


Apart from the aspects and business ideas I have mentioned above, there are few basic but most important factors you should take into consideration while starting your business.

One thing that all young entrepreneurs should take care of is to market their business properly. Show your audience how your services are different & better from other competitors. Decide on your target audience and understand their requirements, likes, dislike by creating a user persona. A lot of businesses have failed because they didn't set their target audience accordingly.

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