New To Content Marketing? Get Started

Getting started in a new industry can be quite daunting, and once you're entrenched in it, it's often difficult to stay up-to-date with all the developments that tend to change on a daily basis. Instead of point people are the internet to resources, we've decided to build a Guide to content marketing. It's just easier to keep everything up-to-date in one place.

What you're about to experience in this Guide is a giant compilation of information on content marketing. Throughout this Guide we'll be exploring basic content marketing strategies, the major influencers in the industry, the best resources available online, and the marketing tools currently available to you.

Our goal, with this Guide, is to provide you with a living resource that will expand and contract as new strategies and tools are released, and as new people make their mark within the content marketing industry.

If you have thoughts you'd like to discuss, please feel free to leave comments in the appropriate sections. We'll answer as many questions as we can, and if you manage to stump us, we'll be sure to find someone who has some answers for you.