The way that business purchases are made has changed forever. Whether they like it or not, sales people don't have as much power to influence buyers as they used to...

Most business purchase decisions are no longer made by a small group of individuals that go out and research the market. These days they involve a myriad of stakeholders, each of whom has their own interests and questions. They also each have access to all the information they need to make a decision.
With the ready availability of information, the balance of power has been shifted from the sales person toward the buyer. Easy access to a global network of people and information means that their friends, family, competitors, customers, and other influencers can all have their say.
In a digital-first world, reaching out and engaging with potential buyers and influencers in a friendly and regular fashion is an essential component of any modern marketing programme.
Throughout the rest of this guide we will take a deeper dive into one essential aspect of such integrated campaigns - LinkedIn. We will see why LinkedIn is the social network of choice for the business marketer, you will learn how LinkedIn can be used to promote both yourself and your business, and we will give you some best practice advice and pointers for social lead generation.