Marketing Is Dead

How many commercials, billboards, and banner ads did you see yesterday? How many can you remember? Did any make you want to buy something? Ever wonder how much these types of advertisements cost?

I think I can answer the first few for you: none. I cannot remember any commercials from yesterday (ok maybe one with a talking lizard and a car off-roading in the Grand Canyon knowing full well no one will be going through that kind of terrain in a brand new pick up). On top of that, the few advertisements I do remember have no impact on me. Companies spend upwards of millions of dollars just to produce an ad, then buy airtime to run it over and over again. And while this might sort of work for Coca-Cola, it sure as hell won't work for your newly developed app or fresh off the press blog.

So, what does work? What will generate results without breaking the bank and without needing the technical knowhow of a Googler? I'm going to share with you some tried and trusted, easy to implement tactics that will help you bring users/customers to your site.

This guides is meant for the entrepreneurs out there looking to drive traffic, engage with users and gain traction.

Things you don't need:

-coding skills

-marketing background


Things you do need: