In late 2009, a future 3 time bestselling author, Tim Ferriss released a book called The Four Hour Work Week.

It was the one of the first concerted efforts to bring high level business process automation (BPA) and outsourcing down to a smaller scale for everyday businesses and individual consultants.

This book has been both the best and worst thing to happen to remote work and has been in part the bane of my existence when interacting with customers at His book started a trend that many companies, consultants, small business founders and lifestyle entrepreneurs have been trying to implement since.

This has produced the unfortunate result of a significant large amount of customers 'trying out' outsourcing without having any serious background on the sourcing process, remote interviewing, remote team management and operational procedures needed to become successful with remote employees.

This guides goal is to shine a light on that process and show you how and where to find the right resources you'll need to properly start outsourcing within your organization and stop bothering me with questions all the time :)