Performance testing for websites and mobile applications is critical for every developer to deliver the best experience to your end users.

This Guide provides both experienced and new performance testers with a framework to help with the completion of performance tests.

Our guide, divided into seven sections, breaks down as follows:

1. Introduction: This first section will focus on establishing the scope of performance testing, what it is, why it's important and how to use this guide.

2.Backend Testing: An in-depth look at what a performance test should address while testing websites and mobile applications, and the capabilities of BlazeMeter's testing software.

3.Functional Testing: TBD

4.Process: A review of the process for running performance tests

5.Performance Test Planning: The foundation for creating and executing successful tests begins with creating an effective plan.

6.Scripting: Best practices for creating specific scenarios (called scripts) for performance testing.

7.Monitoring & Post Test Analysis: How to use the results of your performance tests and to continue to monitor the performance of your website or application.

8.Additional Information: Extra tips and concepts in performance testing that can help you improve your performance testing capabilities.

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