Welcome to the second edition of the style guide for the global Co-operative Marque and visual identity .

The guide was produced to coincide with the launch of the Marque in November 2013, at the International Co-operative Alliance's Conference and General Assembly in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Marque, together with the .coop domain name, is a vital pillar of the global co-operative identity. Our aim is to make it one of the best known symbols of ethical business in the world by 2020. To date it has been taken up by co-operators in 100 countries.

The guide is a practical tool for use by co-operative enterprises and those seeking to raise awareness of the co-operative movement.

The Marque is an asset of the international co-operative movement, and it must be protected. Correct, consistent and careful usage is important in securing our reputation as a serious business model.

Since you are reading this guide, it is likely that your application to use the Marque has already been granted by the International Co-operative Alliance. If you have not been granted permission to use it, you can apply at

International Co-operative Alliance July 2015