Performance testing is a vast area with many different levels and components. There's a lot to do and remember - and this will vary according to the type of performance test you want to perform and the tools you're using.

That's why we've created this guide.

This simplified checklist for JMeter is a useful reference for new performance testers and veterans alike. You can follow it page by page to ensure your tests are set up following best practices, or just use it as a guide while performing your tests.

Our key goal is to help you understand the importance of each item and the proper steps that you should incorporate into your performance testing process.

This guide will cover key areas, including how to:

  • Define the test scope
  • Build your script
  • Prepare for your load test
  • Know what to look for in your performance report

We've also attached a printable checklist/cheat sheet to help you follow this process.

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