If you are like most marketers today, you are focused on customer lifecycle marketing and are eager for data that will help you identify consumers who have true buying intent. In the recent past, you may have relied on a proxy of consumer intent that is likely based on insufficient and incomplete data or inaccurate assumptions.

But, data-driven marketing continues to grow in adoption because the right data set can provide a sharper view of the opportunities in front of you and a smarter way to execute. In fact, a 2015 study on data-driven marketing by GlobalDMA and the Winterberry Group found in its survey of 3,000 marketing professionals that more than 77 percent are confident in the practice and its prospects for future growth.

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Each consumer leaves a trail of digital footprints behind as she navigates the web
that add up to the path of her shopping journey. When you have access to this data, giving you sharper vision into her buying journey, you can make sounder decisions that increase the likelihood of turning that consumer into your newest paying customer.