Hi, my name is Jayme, and I developed a Kickstarter project page for a company that raised $402,413 in just over 30 days. It was one of the most challenging things I've done to date--but if you follow this guide, the process will be much easier for you!



^^ That's me in the photo above...yes, I know, I'm super nerdy.

As a first-time crowd-funder, I scoured the Internet and read every "Kickstarter Hack" and "Ultimate Guide to Making Money on Kickstarter" in Google's index. Through my years of experience as a Copywriter and Digital Strategist, I scanned each guide looking for real, tactical advice on how to build and develop a project page.

Unfortunately, I didn't find any.

Whether your crowd-funding campaign is on Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, GoFundMe, or any other platform that's popped up recently, success depends on smart, effective marketing. This guide will teach you the methodology behind $100,000+ campaigns. And no, it doesn't hinge on national press coverage or celebrity endorsements. And it won't happen overnight or by accident.

My methods can work for any product and industry because they're grounded in Marketing and Copywriting principals that tap into human emotions to build trust and gain influence.