Welcome To The Internet

Picture it: you've got the world's best idea for a business. You've even got the cleverest business name. So what is the first thing you think of doing when you're ready to put that idea into action?

If you thought "registering a domain", then congratulations - you're already on the right path to getting your business seen online. If you didn't think of domains first, never fear! This guide is here to help you understand not only what domains are and how they work, but how they can increase the digital footprint of your brand in ways you never thought possible.

You downloaded this guide because you want to make the most of your online branding. Chances are, you already know about the importance of social media engagement and fostering a community of like-minded individuals on Twitter, Instagram and more. But what about search engine optimization (SEO) and how domains can affect it - both positively and negatively? Read on as we break down the basics of getting your business started in the online realm.