The New Reality

From first grade to my senior year of college, my record had remained virtually flawless. My overall GPA had landed around 3.8. My SAT and ACT scores were high, I had been on the honor roll, belonged to several clubs, etc. I was the cookie-cutter student that counselors tried to mold other students into.

And while I was truly sad that the most fun years of my life were coming to a halt, I wasnʼt too worried. Sure, the economy was bad, but Iʼd done exactly what everyone had told me to do. I had a stellar academic record, great recommendation letters ready to be deployed, and a hungry attitude that employers would swoon over. I was ready for the working world.

Yet here I was, less than three months after graduation... I was lying on my bathroom floor, pulling my hair out in frustration, and on the verge of a breakdown.

I'd been turned away or completely ignored by every single company I'd applied to over the course of 12 weeks (I was even rejected by a company I'd done a three-month internship with).

What the hell had happened? I thought employers would be beating down my door just to get a chance to interview me. I felt like I deserved at least a $40,000/yr starting salary wherever I was hired, especially after doing so well in school all these years. I'd done everything they (i.e. teachers, counselors, parents, society) had told me to do. So why was this so difficult? Why wasn't I on the path to becoming successful?