Most people would agree that communication between two individuals should be simple. When you communicate, you are successful in getting your point across to the person you're talking to.

It's important to remember that there are differences between talking and communicating. When we talk, we tend to erect barriers that hinder our ability to communicate. Some of the communication barriers during conversation include:

  • The use of jargon. Over-complicated, unfamiliar and/or technical terms.
  • Lack of attention, interest, distractions, or irrelevance to the receiver.
  • Differences in perception and viewpoint.
  • Physical disabilities such as hearing problems or speech difficulties.
  • Language differences and the difficulty in understanding unfamiliar accents.
  • People often hear what they expect to hear rather than what is actually said and jump to incorrect conclusions.

In this Guide, we will cover the seven types of barriers to effective communication.

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