Create An ‘Aha’ Moment (Shopkick Example)

The Hack - Give Your Users That 'Aha!' Moment

AARRR stage - Activation

Growth Problem - How to Wow Your Users Into Activating


Have you ever sat in front of an app, any SaaS app… And then it hit you! Not literally, of course.

This app that you have been using is actually pretty awe-inspiring. So amazing, in fact, that you wouldn't mind finally paying for it after milking the free plan for several months. This is what is known as an "Aha!" moment.

And it's normally what leads users to finally activate their subscription and part with their hard-won pesos, dollars or pounds. Of course, your 'aha' moment is when the money appears on your account but this isn't about you. It's about your users.

Here's how to strategically engineer such a moment of revelation and hack your CX (customer experience) in the process.

Just Hack It:

  1. As with most any growth hacking undertaking, it all starts with analytics. Don't guess - let the numbers suggest a solution!
  2. In this case, you need to scour your Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Mixpanel and any other analytics tool you use. What you're looking for is information about the app features that are most popular with your users. That's your quantitative analysis done
  3. Now you need to talk to some users either in real time or via surveys. There are plenty of options for getting your users feedback , both on-page and off-page
  4. Once you've married up the quantitative with the qualitative, you need to use your growth hacking common sense and figure out what features to really focus on
  5. Great, your users should now be 'Aha!'-ing left and right when using your SaaS app. Maestro, your growth hacking symphony is complete!

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