Choosing The Right Ink

Ink plays an important role in the creation of your tattoo and its style. Depending on the brand and quality, you might also see better results, but also a higher cost. For example, ink used even five years ago isn't as good as some of the new inks that are available today.

And depending on who makes the ink, there'll be different ingredients and different levels of metals in the inks.

Here's a breakdown of inks:

Black & Blue These colors are the most popular for tattooing and are suitable for fair, tan and black skin. These colors are also the easiest to remove with lasers. Black is best for line work and containing color and the most popular black ink is Silverback.
Red Many people are allergic to red ink. If you're not sure whether you're allergic or not, have the tattoo artist do a red ink dot on your foot. It will fade away faster and you'll know pretty quickly whether you're allergic or not. In general, red ink tends to fade over time quicker than dark colors.
Orange, Yellow & Purple
Yellow and orange might fade faster on pale skin, and need rendering more often than darker colors. The same goes for purple. Purple can lose its intensity over time quicker than black or blue.
White Ink
White ink tattoos glow in ultraviolet light, and are most suited for pale and freckle-free skin. They tend to fade faster and look more subtle, but may look like scars if done incorrectly.
Blacklight & Glow In The Dark UV tattoos, also known as glow-in-the-dark tattoos, are made with ink that's fluorescent in ultraviolet light (blacklight). The ink may cause allergic reactions, and the FDA has not officially approved the use of these inks. If you're not sure whether you're allergic or not, have the tattoo artist do a small dot on your foot first.

The choice of your tattoo coloring is as important as the picture itself. The theme, size, and your skin tone all play a role in choosing the appropriate coloring, and is something to discuss at your consultation. The tattoo artist should be able to suggest the most suitable coloring for you based on your skin tone.

You can go either with a colored tattoo, or a black-and-grey tattoo done using black ink, possibly with added white ink highlights. If you're seeking an explosion of color, your individual skin tone will be the defining factor in choosing the most complimentary shades: the fairer the skin, the more bold and bright the colors will appear. On the other hand, the darker the skin, the more challenging it will be to highlight varying shades.


Popular Inks

Some of the most popular and high quality inks you can ask for include: