The Consultation

The first step in the tattooing process is the consultation with the artist. A first consultation can be done through email, as it typically takes less than 10 minutes.

Following this, a tattoo artist will book a few hours to half a day to meet with only you. During this one-on-one meeting, you'll talk about the vision, meaning, design, size, style and location of the tattoo. The artist may freehand sketch some of the major parts of the tattoo on your skin to have a better idea of the final layout and share some ideas with you.

If you have any pictures or sketches of the tattoo you would like, it is important to bring them to the consultation.

Consultation are typically free, but to be sure, ask about the cost when arranging the meeting.

You might be required to pay a deposit for the tattoo during or after the consultation. This deposit can be anywhere between $40 to 50% of the entire cost of the tattoo.


Ask About Payment Options

Tattoo shops and artist accept different method of payment. The standard ones are cash and debit, but you should always double check.