Assessing A Portfolio

The most common way of evaluating a tattoo artist is through their portfolio. Each artist will usually have a specific style and process.

While you may have a basic design or idea for you tattoo, finding the right artist will help bring personality and style to your original design.

Before the initial consultation, you should research as many artists as possible. Try to find their online portfolios, either through the tattoo shop's website, their personal website, or a community like Tattoo Hero.

Once you've found a few you like, try to visit the tattoo artist. You'll want to review their portfolio with them, explain your vision for your tattoo and understand how they work. If you can't meet in person, meet online either through exchanging emails or video chat.

The right artist will take the time to get to know you and invest themselves in your tattoo.

Some questions to ask yourself while you're looking at a portfolio are:

  • Do I like the style of their work?
  • Do the examples use color, grey work, and scriptwork well?
  • Are the tattoos well-sized and positioned on the body well?
  • Are the lines straight?
  • How does the shading and shadowing look?
  • How do I feel about the artist?