As professional ski instructors, we have always had one primary objective in mind: to make skiing as easy as possible for our students. By making skiing easier, we believe it is possible to increase the fun of skiing while also improving technique. This has been the centrepiece of our work whether teaching skiers on or off the slopes.

In the mid 1990's - after a number of years with little, or no progress within the skiing industry at large - things began to change for the better. With the launch of the carving, or super side-cut ski, the skiing industry took a giant leap forward. Thanks to these new skis, the possibility of a better skiing experience improved dramatically.

Inspired by world-cup racers, skiing technique changed quickly to suit the new skis. But unfortunately, this was rarely reflected in ski school's approach to teaching. Carving technique, for example, was rarely integrated into traditional ski school courses.

With Learn My Sport's revolutionary multimedia learning system, skiing technique and the learning approach have been redesigned to fit the new equipment and the new millennium in the best possible way. Through the unique multimedia approach to this guide, we have created a learning system that makes skiing more fun and easier to learn.

Therefore, we are unavoidably proud of the product at hand. Use it to improve your skiing, and let it inspire you to have more fun on the slopes. The mountains are waiting to be conquered!