HVAC - Registration Process

This sections outlines the HPCN registration process for the HVAC sector. This information is provided to help you decide if HPCN registration is right for you.

Steps to Complete your Registration

You will need to complete the following steps to complete your HPCN registration. You are not considered an HPCN member until you complete all of the following:

*Apply here, or for detailed instructions, see the Applying to Join page. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx **Some qualifications are eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points through BC Housing. For more information on CPD points and reporting, search "HPSC" on their education registry or contact BC Housing.

Successful applicants that finish the registration process will gain access to membership benefits, such as Training Subsidies Reimbursement and be subject to ongoing Contractor Management.


Already submitted an application for the HPCN and looking for step-by-step instructions to complete your registration? Check out this Guide.


Costs & Subsidies

There is no fee to participate in the HPCN but the mandatory qualifications and requirements may come with a cost. For a limited time, subsidies are available to reimburse the cost of required training for the HPCN as well as a portion of employee wages for the time required to complete it. The costs and subsidies are as follows:

Course/Resource Cost Subsidy Reimbursement
1) Course: Retrofitting with a House-as-a-System Approach $0 $0
2) Course: TECA Principles of Moving Air OR HRAI Basic Principles of Residential Ventilation* $80-690 $80-690 + contribution towards wages
3) Course: TECA Heat Loss/Heat Gain OR HRAI Residential Heat Loss & Heat Gain Calculations* $400-1250 $400-1250 + contribution towards wages
4) Course: Quality Installation of Forced Air Furnaces & Air Source Heat Pump Retrofits in BC Homes $0 Contribution towards wages

*HRAI course costs increased July 1, 2022. Your reimbursement will reflect the amount paid within the eligible reimbursement window.

CPD Credits with BC Housing

The HPCN qualifications for the HVAC sector are eligible for the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits with BC Housing:

  • Retrofitting with a House-as-a-System Approach: 3.0 credits
  • TECA Principles of Moving Air: 32.0
  • TECA Heat Loss/Heat Gain: 10.0
  • HRAI Basic Principles of Residential Ventilation: 2.0
  • HRAI Residential Heat Loss & Heat Gain Calculations: 56.0
  • Quality Installation of Forced Air Furnaces & Air Source Heat Pump Retrofits in BC Homes: 21.0

For more information on CPD points and reporting, contact BC Housing.

  • The same employee must complete all of the required training. You cannot split training between employees.
  • Subsides are available for the required courses completed within the eligibility window for HVAC: January 1, 2021 - Present.
  • If you offer heat pump services: We require a minimum of 1 lead installer - who will be responsible for the heat pump retrofit work - to complete all of the mandatory qualifications.
  • If you offer furnace services: We require a minimum of 1 gas ticketed individual to complete all of the mandatory qualifications.
  • If you have previously completed these courses, you may upload your existing certificates of completion, you do not need to retake the training.
  • To meet the requirement, you must upload certificates of completion from the same provider per employee e.g., a certificate for the TECA Principles of Moving Air plus the HRAI Residential Heat Loss and Heat Gain, without either of the additional TECA or HRAI required courses, will NOT meet the stage's requirements.
  • You may complete these courses either online or in-person as available. Subsidies for the course cost and wages are allocated according to the cost and time of online courses.
  • Subsidies are only available to contractors that are registered in the HPCN. The contracting business must pay for the employees training in order to be eligible for the subsidies as reimbursement payments are made to the contracting company, not to individual installers.
  • Subsidies are available for employees that have completed all mandatory qualifications in their HPCN sector. Employees that have completed some, but not all, of the required training are not eligible for subsidies.
  • The eligibility timeframe for fenestration subsidies is retroactive to January 1, 2021; employees must complete, or have completed, required training after this date. Training completed prior to this date is not eligible for reimbursement.
  • Subsidies apply to the first attempt at training only (i.e., first completion of a course or exam whether pass or fail). Any retakes will not be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Subsidies are applicable to HPCN-required training only and are non-transferrable to other training, companies, or individuals.
  • Maximum reimbursement limits per company may apply.
  • Reimbursements are available on a first-come, first-served basis while funding lasts.
  • Registration with the HPCN does not guarantee reimbursement of training costs.

More HPCN Details

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