Training Subsidies/Reimbursement

For a limited time, subsidies are available to reimburse the cost of required training for the HPCN as well as a portion of employee wages for the time required to complete it.

Important: Reimbursement payments are made to the company, not individual employees. Ensure that the contracting company pays for the required training.


  • Subsidies are only available to contractors that are registered in the HPCN. Learn more about registering for the HPCN.
  • Subsidies are applicable to HPCN-required training only and are non-transferrable to other training, companies, or individuals.
  • Subsidies apply to the first attempt at training only (i.e., first completion of a course or exam whether pass or fail). Any retakes will not be eligible for reimbursement.
  • The following table shows the current sectors that are eligible for registering with the HPCN and the potential subsidies available. Check back often for updated information.