Virtual Advanced Building Science Spring Camp 2021 - Home Edition

This year we delved into emerging technical issues, looked closely at building resiliency amid a changing climate, explored ways to improve indoor health in the time of COVID 19, discussed upcoming code changes, and looked at new technologies and programs - all vital knowledge for you and what you build.

You can click on the links below to view some of the presentation slides from this year.

DAY 1: Monday, April 19, 2021

Building the Modern Architectural Monster
Dr. Straube will guide us through the building science of modern details to avoid nightmare warranty callbacks.
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Beyond the Tiered Energy Code
An insightful view and discussion of the future potential of housing programs from Andrew Pride.
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Community Scale Net Zero Energy: Where do the utilities come in?
NZR communities present a new level of challenges and opportunities. Developers and Builders can't do it alone. Existing regulations, complex load scenarios, old-grid consequences, etc. It all requires a collaborative relationship between developer, builder and utility and local municipality partners. - Presenters: Enbridge & BKC
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Tim O'Brien Homes: The View From Here. Insights From a Production High Performance Builder
Tim's aim has been to improve the building process for both the construction of the home and the building process in order to reduce the level of stress in building a home. Tim will share his thoughts on where he is going and where he sees the industry going in the future.
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Energy, Sustainability, Politics, and Policies
Stefanie Coleman, Elizabeth May and Peter Love in conversation with Tex McLeod.
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DAY 1: Open Mic Presentations

Volta Research and the Volta SNAP Software Platform, Leigh St. Hilaire
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AeroBarrier: Breakthrough Envelope Sealing Technology, Scott Stevens
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Virtuo Air Technology
, Ryan Carr
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A Hygrothermal Modeling Study of Unvented Roof Retrofits in the Far North, Trevor Trainer
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DAY 2: Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Indoor Health in the Time of COVID
Indoor Health, in the Time of COVID 19 - Dr. Jeffrey Seigel with Gord Cooke
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The Great Canadian Air Tightness Debate
Proposed Tiered energy code 2020 9.36 does not require air tightness testing for homes (even at NZR levels): Is this a building science unintended consequence in the making? A panel of building science experts weigh in on this critical issue.
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New Codes Around Resilience and Structures
Wind, seismic activity, fire and flood are issues insurance companies are looking at, and so should you. Presentation with Cheryl Evans, University of Waterloo, Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation; Kelly Johnston with FireSmart Canada; and Rob Jonkman of the Canadian Wood Council.
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