Want net-zero building codes in Canada?

November 2021 blog (here)

  • As the 2020 model codes become available, we need to focus on accelerating adoption of the upper tiers and putting in place a robust compliance framework.
  • The federal government can provide national platforms that facilitate adoption and compliance for use by provinces, territories, and municipalities.
  • A Net-Zero Building Codes Acceleration Fund will further acceleration code adoption and compliance through support for market readiness for net-zero codes in provinces/territories and municipalities.

The Liberal Party's 2021 platform included a commitment to: "accelerate the development of the national net-zero emissions model building code for 2025 adoption" (Forward, for Everyone, Liberal Party of Canada, 2021).

To date, British Columbia (BC) is the only province to have committed to a net-zero code. However, after extensive delays Canada's first net-zero energy ready (NZEr) model codes, the "2020 model codes," will soon be available to all provinces and territories.

We now have an opportunity to realize the federal government's commitment by accelerating the adoption and implementation of the 2020 model codes in jurisdictions across Canada.

It's time we created Net-Zero Building Code Acceleration Fund for provinces and municipalities across the country.

Here's how.