How to make the best choice for your business

Are you trying to decide on the right accounting software for your business? Not sure where to start? Let me guide you through the decision-making process. This isn't a typical comparison blog post. There aren't any grids with features or check marks. Just a thoughtful way to figure out what will work for you and your business.

The first thing people usually ask about an accounting app is "how much does it cost?" Many people are attracted to Wave because it's free (QuickBooks is $5 - $40/month depending on the features you need). But just because you don't pay any money for it doesn't mean it's actually free. Your time and sanity are worth something.

Rather than the cost, the first question you should be asking is "what do you need it to do?" Maybe you're just starting out and all you really need is to track the cash going in and out of a one bank account. Maybe you have a more complex company and you need it to run payroll or track inventory. Whatever the case, it's important to know what your goals for the system are before you start looking. As you get into the bells and whistles of what an accounting app can do, it can be easy to miss the important stuff.

Don't Get Distracted.

Here's how to know what you need.