This is the commercial version of REALTOR.ca. With data provided by Canadian REALTORS® and Real Estate boards, ICX.ca is one of Canada's premier Commercial Real Estate websites. ICX.ca enables users to search a large range of commercial property types and investment properties across Canada.

Another primary feature of the site is to connect users with commercial REALTORS®.

Features of the Website

Commercial REALTOR® services include the following: Appraisals, business sales and acquisitions, build-to-suit, consulting, development, investment purchase and sale, property management, representing landlords/owners, representing tenants.

Demographics on Property Details Page

The demographic information provides visitors with a taste of the neighbourhood where the listing is located. Data featured on ICX.ca has been provided by Environics Analytics, based on census data from Statistics Canada.

Mobile App

Mobile App is available, as seen in the video with many unique features (highlights): Properties Near me, My Agent, Property Search, Bookmarked Properties, Recent Properties, Driving Directions. The App is only available for iPhones and there is no mobile Website.


Very similar to howrealorshelp.ca, this website is a tool designed to make it easier for Canadians who are buying, selling or leasing a commercial property.

This website makes it possible to customize the search in three simple steps:

  1. Are you looking to buy, lease, or sell?
  2. What kind of space are you looking for? (office, business, multi family, retail or land)
  3. What size space are you looking for? (0-5,000 sqft, 5,001-10,000 sqft, 10,001-15,000 sqft, 15,001-20,000 sqft or 20,001 sqft)

Based on your search, the website gives you advice on how to look for a commercial property and how a commercial realtor can help you make the best decision. It also offers to find a commercial REALTOR® near you. If the website can't find a commercial REALTOR® with the criteria's indicated (city, province, postal code) it returns to ICX.ca. This way the person looking for a commercial REALTOR® can insert even more details.