What Is REALTOR Link?

REALTOR Link® is the Associations Intranet that can only be accessed by members. All boards and Associations in Canada have their own unique site on REALTOR Link®. Through the CREA site, members can access all the products/services and get additional information on anything CREA related.

The New REALTOR Link® Technology Platform

REALTOR Link® is a service provided by CREA to Boards and Associations to facilitate information sharing across organized real estate in Canada. REALTOR Link® was expanded nationally in 2000 when CREA took over the direction and management of the platform. Since that time REALTOR Link® has become a one-stop shop that provides REALTORS® access to information from all levels of organized real estate. CREA, as well as Boards and Associations use REALTOR Link® to provide a central location to access many of their communications and services.

Because of the ever changing technology landscape, the needs of Boards and Associations have evolved resulting in members expecting a level of engagement with their content that was not previously possible. With the assistance of the pilot Boards and Associations, CREA has selected a new platform that will replace the existing REALTOR Link® offering with a powerful set of tools that are able to satisfy the requirements of organized real estate and its members.

Our Goal

In June 2011, a REALTOR Link® user group was created to gather requirements for a new platform from which a mission statement and supporting ideals were discussed and created.

This statement is "To provide Boards and Associations with the ultimate communications gateway for Organized Real Estate" .

That mission statement will continue to be repeated whenever, and wherever possible.

In order to reach that ideal, the system should be:

  • Easy-to-use and navigate
  • Have relevant up-to-date content
  • Be user customizable
  • Be a one-stop shop for all member needs
  • Be adaptive to future technology, tools and trends

Benefits of REALTOR Link®

There are numerous benefits and improvements to the new REALTOR Link® platform that will help you deliver a great user experience to your members. Here are some key benefits you can expect:

  • Flexibility and ease-of-use for content developers and publishers
  • Improved content maintenance tools
  • Drag-and-drop page building and simple content editors
  • Superior design capabilities allow for easy creating, publishing and maintaining of site material
  • A variety of customizable page templates to suite specific board needs
  • Analytics that provide detailed statistics that help with key decision making
  • Search summaries, similar pages, and recommendations
  • Automatic boosting of page rankings based on observed user behavior

Using CREA's Trademarks Properly

Every new member should know how to use the REALTOR® and MLS® trademark. With the help of this PDF document you will understand the Do's and Don'ts related to the use of these specific trademarks.