A website re-design and re-build is a massive project for any organization. The consequences of making mistakes during the process are too great a risk to overlook.

Clarity of expectations and outcomes is crucial for organizations overhauling their sites, and agencies doing the work. The importance of thorough planning cannot be overstated. It benefits both parties, resulting in a smoother process and an ideal website.

For any agency, there are two major risks with any re-build RFP:

  1. Has the organization come to a foregone conclusion about what they need for a website re-build without doing the preliminary research?
  2. Is the organization willing to put in the time, effort and budget that they need to produce the results they want?

An organization typically has two major concerns with their agency:

  1. Is the agency's proposal going to produce what we want?
  2. Is the agency's plan and budget appropriate for this project?

But what do agencies need to know to be successful?

What can organizations do to prepare?

This guide can help you answer both of these questions, and make sure you're getting the best possible results.