What are Lintnil wipes?

When you take a look at industrial wipes, you will figure out that there is a possibility for you to classify them into many different categories. Out of those categories, Lintnil wipes have received a lot of attention in the recent past. That's because they are offering a great assistance to the people with getting a variety of tasks done.

What exactly are Lintnil wipes?

Lintnil wipes are often being used in order to apply lubricants, chemicals, alcohol and adhesives. On top of that, you can consider Lintnil wipes as an all-purpose cleaning cloth that is available for you to use. You can simply use this cleaning cloth to get a variety of tasks completed as well. Hence, you don't have to worry too much about the functionality offered by it.

Benefits and applications of Lintnil wipes

Here are some of the most prominent applications of Lintnil wipes. Along with that, we will also share the benefits that come along with them. Based on these factors, you can come up with the decision to start using Lintnil wipes to get your work done. You are guaranteed to end up with positive returns by using these wipes.

The Lintnil wipes are an excellent option available for polishing windows and glasses. You can make sure that you remove all the pollutants and microbial particles from the glass surfaces with the support offered by Lintnil wipes. On top of that, you will be able to use them for optical lenses as well.

It is a common sight to see how Lintnil wipes are being used in the restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels that are located around the world. They create healthy working environments for the employees as well as guests with the assistance of these wipes.

Lintnil wipes are quite popular among electronic and IT companies as well. Tiddox says that is because Lintnil wipes can easily be used in order to clean the delicate instruments and components that exist within the workplace. It is possible to get the cleaning job done without causing any damages to the items with Lintnil wipes. Hence, they are being used on a daily basis.

Another great feature that you can find in Lintnil wipes is that they are suitable for people who have a sensitive skin. Not all wipes come along with this benefit. Due to the same reason, you can see how Lintnil wipes are being used in hospitals, maternity wards and aged care facilities. People who are staying in those places will never have to experience any negative consequences due to the usage of Lintnil wipes.

The Lintnil wipes are being used as a packaging cloth as well. That's because it is possible to use them to clean the delicate parts as well as optical instruments with minimum hassle. You will never come across causing any damages to them with Lintnil wipes.

What makes Lintnil wipes unique?

When you compare Lintnil wipes with other types of wipes, you will be able to notice numerous significant differences. These differences are capable of providing them with the ability to help people in many different applications and environmental settings. Below mentioned are some of the features, which make Lintnil wipes unique.

The Lintnil wipes are low in extractable ions. This feature has contributed heavily towards the popularity of the wipes. On top of that, the wipes leave non-volatile residue as well. As a result, it is possible to maintain the surfaces with ease.

When you take a look at Lintnil wipes, you will often notice that they are double bagged. This provides assistance for the wipes to remain protected from contamination. You can get a heavy weight construction out of them. Therefore, you will get the support needed to use them in a variety of environmental settings.

The Lintnil wipes are non-sterile. They are made out of a polyester non-woven material as well. On top of everything, the Lintnil wipes are made using advanced technology. Therefore, you will be able to use them for lint free activities without keeping any doubts in mind. You can also use them to polish windows, glass surfaces, sensors and optical lenses.

Some industries that use Lintnil wipes

Due to the unique features of Lintnil wipes, you can find them being used across a large number of industries. Here are the most prominent industries out of them.

Research labs

The research labs tend to use Lintnil wipes in order to wipe the sensitive lenses that they use for experimental purposes. These wipes are in a position to deliver perfect results with cleaning them.


Optometrists can also think about using Lintnil wipes to clean the lenses. It is the ideal type of wipe that is available for getting cleaning work done. You will be able to use it and clean optical instruments and many other parts that are associated with them.

Glass industry

You can find glass cleaning clothes in the glass industry. The best and the most professional glass cleaning clothes out of them are made with Lintnil wipes. There is a high demand for Lintnil wipes within the industry as well.


It is important to use Lintnil wipes in cleanrooms as they can provide the support needed to protect the critical control environments. They are in a position to eliminate the chances available for lint contamination to take place. On the other hand, the soft texture associated with polyester would make it a perfect product available for getting sensitive tasks completed.

Aviation cleaning

Lintnil wipes are being used for aviation cleaning purposes as well. Aviation companies around the world order these wipes to get a variety of cleaning activities done. The low linting quality of these wipes have made them popular in the aviation industry.

Final words

These are the most prominent benefits and applications of Lintnil wipes. Make sure that you keep these in your mind and go ahead with using Lintnil wipes. You will enjoy the benefits that come along with them.