Fuel is a precious and very expensive commodity that powers countless equipment and vehicles. Many businesses rely on fuel supply to generate power and operate machines to ensure streamlined work processes and productive results. This brings a company further by helping increase profit and saving time. Loss of fuel can mean a significant loss of money. Therefore, it is important to keep your fuel in its best shape and contained in a safe and secure storage system such as a self-bunded fuel tank.

What is a self-bunded tank? If you run a company that requires large volumes of fuel or other petrochemical liquids to be available on-site, you might already be using, or at least have heard of, a self-bunded fuel tank. A self-bunded tank is a safe and effective fuel storage solution, which offers lesser chances of contamination and loss of product than other types of fuel tanks. Also called a double-walled tank, a self-bunded tank is a tank within a tank. It has double steel walls, an inner tank holding the fuel, and an outer tank that can catch leaks and store up to 110% of the inner tank.