A quick note about authorship

I'm not claiming that these are all my ideas. Don Simpson and Stephen Murgatroyd have been building a community of purpose-led people for 25 years. In a lot of ways, I see myself as carrying forward (i.e., stealing) their thinking and their work. Of course, I have made it my own and merged it with my own prior thinking. And so I bear responsibility for the gaps now! Cathy and I have had more than a couple specific exchanges around the societal need that we are responding to, and how to scale up a response. Ian Goldin, my co-author on my first book, influenced a lot of how I look out at "systemic issues" in the world.

So please think of me more as integrator, than author, of this. And see this as an invitation to feedback and react at the very earliest stages. Your lever is very long right now. Please pull it!