Why Teachers Ask Students to Write Essays

Why essays are so important? A lot of students don't know the answer to this question so that they don't have the motivation to write them well. And it's a tragedy because the importance of essays cannot be overemphasized. While writing an essay, students learn to express their thoughts and prove a point of view. Moreover, they become closer to various social problems. For example, students regularly ask for online help with essay about bullying and it helps them to understand such negative phenomena as violence at school, and don't be afraid to talk about it.

Teachers also ask students to write an essay to understand their degree. After learning a piece of information every student should master particular skills and knowledge. Writing an essay is the best way to show them. During this type of work, students should deal with facts, data, research information, analyze, and compare. In other words, writing an essay is a chance to use in practice theoretical knowledge. And, of course, essays are a part of tests and exams which students need to pass before going to college or university.

Different Types of Essays: Why Do We Need Them

There are 4 major types of essays that every student should beсome acquainted with. The main difference between them is a writer's goal. Sometimes it needs to express the author's position and personal experience. Sometimes students should write the work the other way around, avoid personal attitude, and express the dry facts. What is the main goal of each type? Let's discuss it!

Narrative essay. In this type of essay, the author tells about his life experience. A narrative essay can be very creative and fascinating because the main goal is to attract readers. While reading this work they should understand why this personal experience is so important. Narrative essays help students to represent themselves, talk about feelings and thoughts, provide views consistently. Before writing a narrative essay, it's very important to choose the right story. It should be interesting for the readers and translate important social messages. For example, the story about the bullying describes all harmful manifestations of this phenomenon, helps to prevent it.

Descriptive essay. The main goal of this essay is to describe an event or person with the highest splendor. Teachers asked to write a descriptive essay to improve student's vocabulary, spelling, creativity. This type of work is a chance to switch on imagination and open up the object out of the box! Appealing to emotion is the main feature of descriptive essays. For sensible people it could be a challenge! However, the meaning of quality education is to develop personality as much versatile as possible. In this case, the descriptive essay is also important for our self-development.

Expository essay. Expository essay learn us to cope with facts. In this type of writing work student should analyze the problem from different sides and represent for the reader the diversity of views. There are numerous ways how to build the reasoning line. Sometimes the author compares 2 points of view and sometimes contrasts one with another. Expository essays develop analytical skills, critical thinking, learn how to use data and relevant examples. Writing such essays is extremely useful for all students, but especially for future scientists. Writing such an essay is a repetition of their future researchers, the best chance to train to build strong arguments, and choose a convincing thesis.

Persuasive essay. The main goal of such an essay is to persuade the readers. Unlike the previous type, it underlines the author's point of view. All arguments are used to make it as convincing as possible. However, there are pitfalls in this type. If the object is ambiguous, the author should be polite and сorrect. His arguments shouldn't offend anyone! Persuasive essay learn us to prove the point of view convincing.

To sum up, every type of essay has a specific goal, and helps students to develop important skills, prepares for their future careers, stimulates self-development. That is why teachers ask students to write essays regularly.