Clean Air Partnership developed a series of webinars and online discussions on Working Together to Plan for COVID and Climate. Via a collective effort, with Clean Air Council (30+municipalities in Ontario), we explored the connections and alignment opportunities between our COVID response and recovery and climate actions.

Emerging topics from our online discussion series were Energy Efficiency Retrofits, Green Space, Community Gardening and Urban Agriculture, Road Re-Allocation and Active Transportation, and Telecommuting. We developed this Planning for COVID and Climate resources guide, providing existing guidelines from our network and additional resources. You can access the individual topics on the menu on the left.

Clean Air Partnership wants to emphasize the importance of ensuring that there is a team member who is part of the Municipal COVID Response and Recovery team who has been delegated the responsibility of ensuring the application of a Climate/Sustainability/Equality lens. Moreover, ensuring that whoever is designated on the team to support the team's ability to apply that lens is supported via a collective crowdsourced effort to help their other team members to incorporate that Climate/Sustainability lens.